Take a look our our no nonsense price sheet (requires a pdf viewer).

Easy to Understand Pricing
Our pricing model is very simple: a single, fixed price for your initial license and no seat licensing fees.

Since iLIMS is remote hosted you'll have third party vendor fees for the remote virtual server hosting. We highly recommend this path because you'll have access to current server technologies and your in-house IT requirements are reduced to a decent internet connection. This is ideal for a small lab.

During the first year you'll have some training, installation, and potentially user-specified customization requirements.

After year one you'll have the option to purchase discounted support or pay on an as-needed basis. You can also purchase support to keep your iLIMS installation up to date.
IT Resources Required
By using a remote hosted solution, you minimize the in-house network and IT resources needed for iLIMS. You will need to provide a decent broadband connection to enable your users to access iLIMS.

We recommend that you have a dedicated in-house "champion" who will function as your local expert. And remember that support from us is always available. If your champion has some experience working with Excel VBA or Microsoft Access that person will quickly become a super expert on iLIMS.
Support and Updates
During the first year you will have minimal support costs. Depending on your needs and budget you may need or want to have system customizations performed. Our goal is to evaluate these requests and if a customization request will add to the future value of iLIMS we use a cost sharing model. In other words, we don't ask you to pay for system improvements.

After the installation period you can choose to purchase on-going support and/or iLIMS updates as you see fit for your business. Support hours can be purchased at a discounted rate if you pre-pay for blocks of time or you can pay as you go.
Our Part in Your Success
At Laucks Technical Services our primary goal is your success.

We are LIMS evangelists at TTA Group and want you to have the potential to succeed using all the advantages that automation brings to the big laboratory players. Even the smallest lab can benefit from a LIMS solution with iLIMS.
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