At LTS, we are experienced lab people who are passionate about science and technology. We are devoted to the idea of helping labs save money. Below are key personnel who will help your through the acquisition, installation, training, and full implementation of iLIMS.
Mike Nelson, iLIMS Architect
Mike Nelson Mike Nelson graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in Chemistry and English Literature. He is a bench chemist who has followed an interest in data management and lab process automation since the mid-1980s.

As Chief Chemist for Laucks Testing Laboratories, Mike saw data management needs grow as the laboratory sought ways to streamline operations and increase productivity. When Laucks served the USACOE, Navy, Air Force and EPA with their level IV reporting needs, the information management needs exploded. When Laucks' management decided to develop iLIMS Mike became iLIMS Architect.

Mike brings his 30+ years' experience as chemist and as software and data management expert to the Laucks Technical Services team.
Janet Oliver, Technical Trainer
Janet Oliver Janet Oliver has a Master's degree from Reed College in Oregon and has over 30 years of experience in corporate training and business process analysis.

She does custom software development and analyzes business processes to improve accuracy and reduce redundancy. She presents training seminars at local, national, and international conferences.

Janet understands that software implementation doesn't happen in a vacuum. Business processes need to be updated where the software has helped to gain efficiencies and people need to understand how that change impacts the day to day operation of the laboratory. She makes complex processes easy to understand, ensuring that people have the knowledge they need to use a new process effectively.