Increase lab profitablity
With iLIMS, focus on chemistry not managing data. It scales to your laboratory's size: from a single municipality to a multi-location full service environmental laboratory with thousands of clients.
Lab management solutions
LTS iLIMS unifies real time information about your lab processes to speed up and inform your decisions.
Unusually affordable
For less than the cost of an instrument, you can gain LIMS efficiencies lab wide.
User friendly and manageable
LTS iLIMS was designed to allow most day-to-day configuration to be performed by the users. The browser-based user interface is simple to use and navigate. Users come up to speed with minimal training.
Let your chemists focus on chemistry
Because iLIMS is installed in the cloud, the need for IT server support is eliminated and no special software needs to be installed on your computers. All you need is a browser. You don't have to worry about conflicts with your instrument software and you can access your data from multiple lab locations or from home.
Powerful organization for your laboratory
iLIMS helps in business planning and in responding to your clients' needs and its custom options allow you to tailor iLIMS to your laboratory's unique needs.

two men shaking hands finger pointing to computer screen chemical symbols